Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review-A Sneak Peak

It seems that Sony Ericsson has woken up from its Smartphone hibernation at last with the Sony
Ericsson Xperia Arc! This stunning Android powered device is enough to tempt smart phone
lovers with its unique perks like the Exmor R CMOS sensor and Bravia Engine display.

Mobile enthusiasts will really love to show off the Arc with its amazing wide screen display and
latest version of Android. However what it lacks is the highly coveted “Playstation”. Users will
have to miss out on this exclusive Sony Brand USP when going in for the Arc!

Bravia Technology For Hardcore Media Lovers

The unique Bravia Technology feature is an instant hit with media lovers. On checking out this
phone it was seen that it gives you the joys of the “big screen” on its “small screen” without
straining eyes to get a clear idea of the picture displayed. The images are sharp and clear.
You can catch YouTube videos and watch movies without issues on this impressive wide

Most of the latest phones available in the market do not have natural and bright screen colours
like the Arc. The size of its touchcreen is 4.2 inches and despite not being an AMOLED one like
many of its counterparts, the phone does manage to give you accurate colours. The images are
beautiful and clear to look at and this is one area that the Arc tends to score high.

Sony Ericsson Bravia Engine Technology delivers the best colour, noise reduction, contrast and
sharpness on screen. It aids the smooth video streaming of YouTube videos and when checked
in action its performance was impressive and commendable.

Movies on this device can be seen without the presence of black bars. The grip of the handset is
ideal for all especially if you are a person with small hands. The exteriors of the device are cool.
When switched off you can actually see the edge of the display that makes you really praise the
brand for rendering the amazing monolithic appearance!

Delicate, Thin and Slim

The Arc is gorgeously thin and slim. Its thickest ends just measure 9mm and it curves to 8.7mm
in its middle. The case is sensitive as it is not made of metal. So you need to be a little cautious
when it comes to handling this delicate device. It is not at all made of any rough and tough
material. Plastic has been used for the body. This is a minus point with the brand admitting that
its phones have not passed the tough tests in the past. So if you are with the Arc remember –
handle with care!

Now, if you have the idea that the Arc may snap at any moment pause for a second as Sony
Ericsson assures you that despite being stunningly thin this device does have protection it
needs in the form of a cover that is a shatter-proof one. Check on top of the scratch proof
mineral glass if you still want to be sure. On checking the back of the body we found the plastic
body flexing back slightly. Our sample did not have any wobbly parts however on examination
it seems that the device will not survive a drop onto hard ground and so the “handle with care”
caution still remains intact!

Say Cheese And Smile

The Sony Ericsson Arc sports an 8.1 MP camera with a LED supported photo light. There are
many unique camera settings that include face detection and image stabilization. The phone
has the highly coveted Exmor R CMOS sensor that you can see in certain remote compact

When the photos were tested it was discovered that the Arc does give you decent photographs
in dark conditions with the LED feature switched off. When turned on the image did improve
however it could have come out better with the lights turned on.

Fresh Gingerbread Treat

The Arc is out with the latest 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System. The operating system and the
user interface are not the same and are separated in this phone. Users can get faster updates
and you can actually swipe through Facebook and Twitter updates on the home screen. The
Timescape application for social networking that performed dismally in the past has been
revamped. This means that if you install two applications for Facebook and Twitter both can be
linked via Timescape rendering you a smoother experience!


Plus Points: The Arc has a great thin curved case that is slim and stunning to look at. Its wide
screen resolution and display is impressive. The 8.1 MP camera of the Arc with its innovative
Exmor R CMOS sensor does not disappoint.

Minus Points: It has a poor battery life. Users have to miss access to Sony’s exclusive
Playstation feature and the brand’s film and music content.

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