Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 To Emerge In The Market Soon

The previous year was not a very profitable one for Sony Ericsson as the brand could only make a profit with just one phone. Sony Ericsson needs to look into this year and keep its fingers crossed with their upcoming handsets. The company has claimed that is has an impressive product line up for 2011 and this also includes the Vivaz 2 that is likely to surface in the market too. The date of the release of the above handset has not yet been revealed and it is expected that the phone would be launched in the market after the company finishes gearing up for the launch.

"Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2"

The Sony Vivaz 2 is a successor to the original Vivaz that was launched by the company previously. The phone is one that is an Android based one and it sports a bigger screen that its predecessor. The new variant of the Vivaz is also thicker and bigger and this is the reason why it is heavier too. The handset also supports a 8MP camera with LED Flash and it also has the capacity of supporting HD videos as well. This phone is a communication phone and it is anticipated that it will be available in the market in the forthcoming few months.

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