Sony Ericsson Unperturbed By Poor Xperia Play Sales

The sales figure of the Xperia Play by Sony Ericsson has been pretty dismal and the brand is not even worried about it at all!

"Xperia Play"

The brand is really having a tough time selling the phone and it is not at all perturbed with its low sales. The brand in a statement released by Dominic Neil-Dwyer who is the Head of Market Development emphasized that the phone had created a revolution in the market as it had the PlayStation certification. He stated that the phone was already shaking the market and it has earned a place already. The feedback that the company had received on the phone has been pretty encouraging and people like the new device. The company is very happy with the feedback that has been received and it is not at all worried about the dismal sales of the phone. It knows that the device is doing well among those who are using it already!

It seems that mobile users are no longer interested in playing games on their cells anymore and this may be the potential reason of the phone not being as popular as expected. There is an anticipation that the sales may increase when the mobile device is released in the UK on O2

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