The LiveDock Android docking station has been given two thumbs up for its latest addition to the Sony Ericsson’s line of mobiles. The analysts of the market are anticipating a decrease in the smart phone sector by Nokia while an up hill rise is predicted by them for the brand of Sony Ericsson.


The people of the UK press were invited to a party by the Sony Ericsson people so that they could see the latest additions to the line of Sony Ericsson products. The products appealed to the UK people very much. The main reason for the get together of the sonny Ericsson people was that to showcase their latest creation, they have changed an android smart phone to double as a desktop computer. This particular product will be obtainable in the nearby market. Its launching price has been fixed at about 40 pounds.

The main attraction of the LiveDock is that as soon as you plug a handset in to it for charging the battery via a micro USB port. It initiates a free android app from Sony Ericsson called Liveware Manager. This particular product will be available with a wireless dongle which will enable the user to connect the station up to a wireless key board and mouse.


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