Sony Ericson To Target The Executive Class With The All New Xperia Pro

From the very yore, Sony Ericson has been acclaimed to be a manufacturer of phones which has made the lives of the people easier. The all new Sony Ericson Xperia Pro has seemed to be a plain smart phone which is mainly targeted to capture the attention of the business group among the masses.

The phone has some of the most brilliant and striking features for attracting the tech geek and the business personnel. The display for instance, of the phone is a 3.7 inch touch screen, with a full QWERTY keypad that is slid in the phone quite tactfully. Inside the phone, it is equipped with the Google’s Android 2.3 version (or more commonly called the Ginger bread) and has a processor of 1 GHz Snap dragon. The document readers and the editors benefit the business man for doing the work more easily and efficiently. The phone comes equipped with an 8 mega pixel camera and is capable of capturing 720p videos with out a glitch. The onboard memory has been limited to only 320 MB but it can be expanded to 32 GB. The memory card slot is placed under the battery so every time it was to be opened to reach the slot.

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