Sony And Google To Launch PlayStation Phone Soon

There are many mobile phones that are being launched on a regular basis and Sony in collaboration with Google have gone ahead to manufacture a unique hybrid phone that will provide the user with both functionality and entertainment. Of late there are many media reports that have suggested the possible launch of a new PlayStation phone by Sony Ericsson. The potential device is rumored to be a hybrid device that will enable users to get the dual benefits of both mobile functions and gaming. The upcoming phone will be operating on the 2.3 Android platform provided by Google.

The size of the screen of the said phone is 3.7 inches and it has great resolution and a clear display. Another unique feature of the phone is that it has a Snapdragon processor of about 1GHz. The phone also features a mega pixel camera along with trigger buttons and external micro SD card support. The phone also is endowed with the latest Android Gingerbread Operating System along with an interface that is multi-touch. The major competition in the market will be with the Apple iPhone and the widely anticipated phone is likely to hit the mobile consumers in the year 2011.

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