Short Supply Of The HTC One Smartphone

There is bad news for people who are vying for the HTC One Smartphone. Chances are they will not get the phone due to the short supply of parts. Reports have said that this new Android Jelly Bean mobile phone called One is ready to be launched on the 15th of March in UK however there are still fears of part shortages that have the potential to cause issues. There are various components of the phone like the shortage of the Ultrapixel camera. This will severely affect the shipments of the phone.’


This means people will not get the device as delays are evident. There is also something that will make matters worse and that is HTC is all set to launch one day after the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is launched. This may affect the sales and the demand for the project. To make matters even worse it is anticipated that the launch will to some extent draw consumer attention from the HTC device. This may prove detrimental to the company. There are also evidence that the launch will make the device underperform to some extent. There are huge expectations with regard to the launch of the S4. It is one of the widely aniticpated phones of the month and only time will tell us on whether HTC will be able to supersede the popularity that Samsung is currently enjoying.

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