Shipments For Sprint’s Samsung’s Galaxy III Smartphone Delayed

There is bad news for those waiting for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy III. Shipments have been delayed with the Company citing reasons that the demand for this widely anticipated phone has exceeded its stock. This was stated in the official blog of the carrier and its news has indeed disappointed eager mobile enthusiasts ready to get their hands on the phone. The phone was supposed to be available by now however it will not ship as per its plan.

It was anticipated that the 16GB version of this phone was supposed to have began shipping and reach customers who has pre-ordered the device by the 21st of June. There is another version of the phone 32GB also ready and they were anticipated to be delivered to potential users after the arrival of the shipment. This device will sport a wide range of unlimited data plans along with the pre-installed Google Wallet.

The above delay is however not surprising as recently the Canada shipping of the phone was delayed to June 27th and people were anticipating the delay of this shipment too as well. As of now there is no news when this device will actually reach targeted customers. Till then let us wait and watch and keep our fingers crossed so that it hits markets soon!

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