Samsung To Give Away New Gadgets With The Beginning Of 2012

The last announcement that the makers of Samsung are making with the close of yet another eventful year is that they are going to introduce the latest Galaxy phones in the month of January. This time they have christened the galaxy phones as the Galaxy Y duos and Pro Duos smart phones. All the handsets manufactured under this line is capable of holding two SIM at a time, to make it more convenient for the user to get the best of things for himself with out giving him the hassle of carrying two handsets at a time. Both function on the Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android 2.3 Ginger bread operating system version. The phones are almost similar when compared with each other.

The processor of both the phones is 832 MHz and has 3 mega pixel cameras attached to them selves. The front facing camera of the phones is VGA. This is quite unusual when the other smart phone process on 1 GHz dual core processors and have 8 mega pixel cameras. The Duos has a 3.14 inch full touch screen display to it making it a complete candy phone whereas the Duos Pro has a 2.6 inch screen with a QWERTY keypad to it. This is done intentionally to the latter hand set to give it the feel of a Black berry and make it easier for sending emails and text messages.

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