Samsung Star 3 and Samsung Star 3 Duos To Reach Market Late January

The two stars of Samsung –Samsung Star 3 and Samsung Star 3 Duos are reaching the market in the last phase of January. They have been released exactly after a year of the launch of the Star II S5260. These two handsets are for those people who are in search for cheap handsets that are not Smartphones.

The Samsung Star 3 is a phone that has a 3 inch QVGA display with quad band connectivity that has a GSM/EDGE support. This phone does not have 3G support. The Samsung Star 3 is a light weight phone that weighs 95 grams. This phone resembles the Samsung Star 3 Duos however it has the additional support of dual SIM capability. Both these phones are available in black and white and will hit the market in late January.

They will be launched in Russia after which these handsets will be launched in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. The cost of both these mobile handset devices has not been disclosed by the company. It is anticipated that this phone will not cost more than $200. These phones are not meant or suitable for those looking for cheap phones that are not high –end Smartphones.

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