Samsung S3 Gets Jelly Bean Update

For those Samsung S3 device owners looking out for the latest in the Android Operating System platform there is good news in store for them-the Smartphone is ready for the Jelly Bean update! Besides the S3 there are other mobile devices of the company in line to receive this latest operating platform soon. Poland is the first nation to receive this update. Other nations will follow. The above news was confirmed in an email issued by the Company to The Verge.

Besides the above this device will also carry with it a number of Company-specific improvements like a Pop Up Play and an Easy Mode that tends to deliver easy-to-use widgets for users to get easy access to applications. Mobile users can also get a blocking mode very similar to the Do Not Disturb Mode launched by Apple. The time of these upgrades will differ on the nations where they are focused on. It will also depend on the requirements of the wireless carrier. The other handsets in the pipeline to receive this Jelly Bean update are The Note, S Advance, Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy S Duos and the Galaxy Mini 2 to name a few in addition to the Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 Tab 7.0 Plus, Note 10.1 and Tab 2 10.1.

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