Samsung Regains Top Spot as Smartphone Seller

Samsung continues to being at the top in the first quarter of the year as it has emerged as the world’s largest smartphone seller beating Apple Inc. in terms of revenue. As per the data from a renowned market research firm, Samsung sold smartphones worth US$23.62 billion in the January-March quarter in 2013 and regained the top spot as smartphone seller. This revenue is a hike of almost US$952 million from the last quarter in 2012. On the other hand, Apple which was in top position during the October – December quarter in 2012 but lost to Samsung in Q1 in 2013, sold smartphones worth US$22.95 billion which is a decline of US$7.71 billion from the previous quarter.


The fact is the South Korean mobile manufacturing giant was at the top during the July – September quarter in 2012 but lost to Apple during the October-December quarter which took place mainly due to hike in sales volume  of the iPhone 5 of the US based mobile making firm.

This change in ranking is thought to be mainly attributed to solid demand for Samsung’s high-end smartphones that run on the long-term evolution (LTE) network.

The research firm also shows that Apple has emerged as in the top in terms of operating income ratio among the rivals across the globe in the Q1 with a 31% share, followed by Samsung with a 21.8% share and LG with 4.1% share.

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