Samsung Predicts Galaxy S5 will Outsell Galaxy S4

Samsung, the mobile handset manufacturer giant, has predicted that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will outsell the Samsung Galaxy S4. This claim has been made by the company during its first quarter earning release. It has announced profits of about 7.57n won. This is about 2% when compared to the previous quarter. The Company took about 53.68n won in the quarter and  this has been placed at around 9% of the past quarter. This was the Xmas period. This is an increase on the same period of last year. The Company has generated revenues that is about 32.44n won that leads to the profits of about 6.43n won. This is mainly because of a fall in the demand for smartphones and tablets as revealed by the Company.


The Company also claimed that there is an increase in its operating profits. They have increased by 18%. The reasons for this increase is mainly because of the shipments of smartphone devices and the effective implementation of expenditures. This has also created a positive impact in saving some of the one off expenses in the recent months.

When it comes to the sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy S5 device, the company has not given any accurate sales figures as of now. They have made a claim that they will outsell the S4 devices very soon after launch. They have been waiting for a very long for comparison.  In April 2013, there were about tem million Samsung Galaxy S4 units have been sold during the first month after it had been released last year in the month of April.

Samsung also revealed that the tablet shipments in the first quarter had been around 13 million and this is a very strong number for what could be safely said to be the holiday period. There were also some new devices launched by company like the Note Pro. This effectively is boosting the portfolio of the company with success. The Company also stated that it is very confident for posting potent financials for the rest of the year. This has been driven by the sales of Television sets for the World Cup scheduled to take place in Brazil. The Company also has plans to launch some more devices in the future.

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