Samsung Nexus Prime To Be Announced On October 11th

Samsung is all geared up for a unique mobile event that will announce the Samsung Nexus Prime. This media event is going to take place on the 11th of October. This is the first of the next event that is going to be held by CTIA in San Diego during 11-13 October. It is anticipated that the Samsung Nexus Prime will be launched on that date.

"Samsung Nexus Prime"

There have been a number of rumors in the mobile market that the Samsung Nexus Prime is being made by a South Korean company. There were no concrete news on the phone and it disappeared from the arena for some time only to resurface again with the news. Samsung on the other hand did not allow the rumors to die as they did confirm the existence of such device for the future a number of times.

However it should be noted that the launch of the phone is not official yet. It does deserve proper media coverage and there are bright chances that by the 11th of October it will successfully be on its way to the stores. Only time will tell on whether the phone will see the light of the day soon and woo mobile users!


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