Samsung Galaxy SII Sales Exceed 5 Million

Sales of Samsung’s current flagship Android smartphone the Galaxy SII have just exceeded the 5 million mark a few short months after release. The second Galaxy S is selling at a faster rate than the original, which is the biggest selling Android phone of all time, with 5 million people picking up Samsung Galaxy SII contracts in the space of just 3 months. These record sales are despite the fact that the phone has yet to go on sale in one of the most lucrative smartphone markets on the planet – the United States.

It was just around a month ago that the S2 reached record sales figures of 3 million, becoming one of the fastest selling smartphones of all time and the first phone to knock the iPhone 4 from its position as top selling smartphone in over a year. These record sales for the Galaxy do not bring it up to the levels of sales for Apple’s handset, which is still the biggest selling single handset, but certainly make it the iPhone’s strongest competitor.

Apple certainly recognises this, as can be seen by the recent barrage of lawsuits against the Korean electronics giant. As well as producing its Galaxy range of Android smartphones Samsung produces a substantial amount of the components that go into the iPhone, and Apple feels as though some of the design and hardware features have found their way into the Galaxy range of handsets.

Samsung hopes to achieve 10 million sales by the end of the year, and with a US release date pegged for some time in August this is easily obtainable. The Galaxy S2 will be released on all major US carriers and the suspension caused by the delayed US release is only serving to increase demand for the top of the line Android. If Apple gets its way with its recent lawsuits against Samsung these US fans may have to lose out however, as Apple is seeking to stop the import of Samsung smartphones into the United States.

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