Samsung Galaxy S5

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy mobile phone has been heard to be in a new form and in a new version known as Samsung Galaxy S5 from the coming year.



The predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4 after a superb success, can now be referred to as an old hat, has been successfully left behind by the iPhone 5 and Google Nexus 5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 hardware will be available in both metallic and plastic versions. It has been heard that the sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 had decreased due to the rise of other smart phones in the market, Samsung has initiated to promote the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone in a completely new look known as the Samsung Galaxy S5 in two unlike versions.  The display screen has been heard to be of about five inches. Samsung is hoping to have a repeat of their success with this new version in the coming year with their newly manufactured electronic gadget.  There was no doubt about that Samsung Galaxy S4 was a terrific success last year, everyone is hoping that the coming new year 2014 should bring Samsung Galaxy S5 topping the list of all mobile phones. Let’s wait and see.

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