Samsung Galaxy S5 will not have a curvy display

From many days we have heard the next series of the Samsung Galaxy will be design with the curved display. People are waiting for the actual time when they will get curved display in Samsung Galaxy handset. According to the previous news the company was planning to deliver this concept in Samsung Galaxy S5 handset like Samsung Galaxy Round. But after heard this recent update getting Samsung Galaxy S5 with curved display is just like a dream which will never come true.


From the various source and news we get to know that Samsung Company is not ready to provide curved display in this handset because they thought that the capacity of this handset is insufficient to hold this Youm display. According to the statement of Kim Jong-hyun, an analysts at Seoul-based Eugene Investment and Securities the present capacity for flexible sections is not sufficient for the Galaxy S5, which will be combined out in 2014. Curved ones will be revealed delayed coming year as a Universe version rather than as a leading model. This news is really bad for the company and the users also. We know the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S5. And there have no doubts that it will be challenge for the Samsung Company to release this handset with curved display, they could not take the risk. So try fulfilling the users’ expectation as much as possible they might be provide PLS LCD display in Galaxy s5 handset.

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