Samsung Galaxy S5 Surpasses First Day Sales of Galaxy S4

It has been seen that Samsung Galaxy S5 has exceeded the opening day sales of Samsung Galaxy S4. The opening day sales figures have been published by the Korean manufacturer of this smart phone. It is seen that Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 30 percent increase in the sales in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S4.


Samsung Galaxy S5 has been launched on a same day worldwide. It is revealed in almost 125 countries including The United States of America on 11th April. It is a much hyped mobile device. Features and speculations are doing the rounds in the market for a long time. It has been launched in doubled number of country on its launching day. Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in 60 countries- the day it is launched. It can be the reason for high sales percentage of Samsung Galaxy S5.

The percentage of sales has been doubled in the countries like France, United Kingdom and Netherland. It has been seen the mobile enthusiast are waiting in a long queue in order to acquire a mobile phone in the countries like Singapore and Netherlands. However in the host country Korea, there is not much of a buzz around Samsung Galaxy S5.  No record has been broken in the country. However the response to the mobile device is quite positive. Halfhearted presence has been seen Australia as well as it has a strong base of iPhone in it.

New and improved features have been incorporated in the device. It has a 5.1 inch display with full high definition super AMOLED. Clear and sharp pictures can be seen with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution. It is a dust resistant and water resistant device. It can last in one meter of water for about 30 minutes without any damage. It has Android 4.4 kitkat as an operating system with Samsung’s own TouchWiz feature. Finger print scanner is also incorporated in the device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been priced lower than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4. It can be one of the reasons of its growth in the sales. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 had been in the range of $ 700 to $ 800. With improved features and quality Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at $ 599 – $ 699.


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