Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Samsung Z is Coming Through

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is coming in the market soon to attract the attention of the mobile enthusiast all over the world. It can be called as Samsung Galaxy F as well. It is flagship handset from the brand of Samsung. It will come up with a back cover of silver and gold to have a sophisticated look.



Attractive design of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will be furnished with a removable plastic cover. They are not thinking of introducing metal in the handset as it will enhance the cost of the handset. However the brand can introduce aluminum frame in the design. Thinner bezel will be incorporated in Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime as compare to Samsung Galaxy S5. It is done to make the handset more users friendly. With the help of the thinner bezel, user can easily carry the handset in their hands.

Sprint has been chosen as the official partner of the brand in order to cater the handset all over world. They are getting ready to roll out the device as quickly as possible. It is believed to come up with a major update. The facility of wi fi will be introduced in Samsung Galaxy S5. It is believed to roll out in batches in a relatively slow pace.

Samsung Z has been introduced to the developers for testing applications. It is now possible to run test on the Samsung Z. The developers need to use virtual device of the site in order to test application on Samsung Z. Through this process Samsung Z will be available to more number of developers for the test. Tizen OS has been incorporated in Samsung Z for the benefit of the user.

The release date of Samsung Z is not revealed yet. They need time to ensure the productivity of the new Tizen OS. Samsung has become cautious about the launch of Tizen OS as it will be compared with iOS and Android. There are number of users and developers who believe in the potentiality of the Android and iOS. Therefore the brand of Samsung needs time to make Tizen OS popular among the users and developers.

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