Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Comes With SD Storage and HDR Video

It seems that Samsung has taken the criticism regarding the free storage for its flagship Galaxy S4 seriously and it is trying to improve it by rolling out updated version of Galaxy S4.  Samsung has rolled out the latest update for the Galaxy S4 which brings some important changes with reference to that criticism. Now it lets you store apps on the SD card along with increasing the limit of internal storage. This news came in few days after the announcement of launching of two new versions of the Galaxy S4 including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active .

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The update comes in size over 300MB  Once you install it you will  get 9.23GB of free storage, up from 9.15GB (on a 16GB model). Software changes are not much in appearance with a transparent notifications bar at the top and Smart Pause now pinned to the pull-down menu. The major change that has been done is in the video app with HDR (High Dynamic Range) video recording now an option. A new Increase Legibility mode. also has been incorporated with it.

For the time being, Germany is the only country where this update is available but it can surely be said that this is part of a Global rollout, so now you can expect the update to be landing in the UK in few weeks.

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