Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Set To Release In The Month Of May

After Samsung’s full- size flagship phone of 2013 the arrival of trimmed version of the S4 is only a matter of few weeks, sources confirmed.

As per the sources referred by Sam mobile Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is prepared to launch on the 21st week of this year. This time is calculated to be fall around the early of May. The date of release has been cleared up but nothing genuine information has been gathered about the specifications. There is high expectations for the phone and this is why it is estimated the device to have more modest screen. When it comes to details then nothing strong and genuine information has been collected. The details are still unclear. However depending upon the rumor a little information has been extracted and therefore rather than this there is no other option left to be believe.


As per the sources when the device will make it appearance in March or April then the device will be festooned with a 4.99- inch 1080p Super AMOLED display. Moreover, 13 mega-pixel camera is also estimated to be present in the S4.

Last but not least it is considered that the device will be fitted with new gesture-based input system, which aids the users to intermingle with the phone differently as they have the chance to access the device by floating their fingers above the screen.

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