Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Soon Come Out With Eye Arresting Features

Technology expert Samsung galaxy S2 is preparing to come with numerous giant features such as eye tracking feature. In the interim, the release date is predictable to be on third may.

The Samsung lovers will be happy to know that the Samsung galaxy S3 will be set free in the beginning of the coming month. Plenty of galaxy S series Smartphone’s fans are celebrating this news. For the android fans, this is one of the best gifts; they will get in the year of 2012. There are even anderoid fans who believe that the coming generation galaxy S will take over the apple’s not only iphone 4S but also the approaching version of iphone 5.

The contradict report is coming about galaxy S3 factor. Few reports source that the galaxy S3 will get huge screen size comparing to the present. g\few technology blog have stated that the S3 will come into a huge 4.8-inch screen. While other sources state that instead of coming with 4.8 the S3 will come with 4.6 inch super AMOLED plus HD(720*1280) screen.

One thing is almost sure that the spanking new version of galaxy S will be better as well as performer than the Samsung galaxy S2. A latest report has revealed that the new version of galaxy S will arrive with quad-core processor.

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