Samsung Galaxy S3: Secrets of Success

Already too much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy S3 — the most powerful Android smartphone in the globe. It was even compared with another ICS-running top-end device, the HTC One X, and the latter was left with no chance. Actually, there are many smartphones ready to compete with the Galaxy S3 but they don’t have what the S3 has — reputation. Yes, Samsung is a leader in the mobile world, and it’s not accidental. It snatched Nokia’s 13-years ascendancy thanks to a strategy other manufacturers couldn’t run on. The Korean company has now achieved its goals, and as a result, the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals can be found everywhere. So this smartphone is a welcomed guest for everyone and enjoys deserved success due to its features. Which are they?

We have already reviewed the Galaxy S3, and it makes no sense to enumerate the selling points of the phone. Instead, I want you to pay attention to the specs that make the Galaxy S3 stand out and carry the title of the best Android smartphone. When talking about such things the 24 or 12 month contracts of the devices should be considered but trust me, sometimes pricing doesn’t play the main role. It implies that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not designed for everyone. Recently Apple announced the iPhone 5 and said it won’t make huge-screen devices as they tend to produce smartphones for larger masses. The Galaxy S3 is the direct opposite of the iPhone 5 as it is made only for those who are ready to sacrifice some of their savings for getting it. However, we should go deeper to see if the Galaxy S3 really deserves the awards and praises it received during the past months.

Before we list the features that are unknown for many consumers, it’s reasonable to introduce the quick rundown of hardware specs. The Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a 4.8-inch Super Amoled touchscreen at a resolution of 720×1280 pixels, but the pixel density is not that high, 306ppi. On the other hand, it’s one of the best protected screens thanks to Gorilla Glass 2 technology, plus, it’s very vivid and bright. The phone is powered with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz but it’s not the fastest processor as there is the HTC One X with a similar chip clocked at 1.5GHz. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S3 remains one of the most powerful devices in terms of speed.

Also, the handset features 1GB of RAM 16/32/64GB of native storage with microSD card support, an 8MP camera capable of recording 1080p videos, a 1.9MP frontal camera for web chat, a 2100mAh battery providing up to 11.5 hours of talk-time in 3G network, and it runs Android 4.0 ICS, though Jelly Bean will hit the phone in a few weeks.

In all likelihood, you are familiar with all the aforementioned features but I bet you don’t know the ones that make the phone differ.

First, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a Siri-like Android voice assistant called S Voice. To access it while using the phone users must double tap the Home button. But if you want to launch it from the lock screen, you need to say “Hi Galaxy” or a customized command. The further commands depend on what you want S Voice to do.

Second, unlike other Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a bunch of software novelties. One of them is Smart Stay. [Drum tremor] It uses eye-tracking technology to recognize if you look at the screen or not. If you do, it automatically disables the screen timeout. If you don’t like this feature, it can be turned off from settings.

Third, the next novelty added to the phone is called recent apps. This multitasking function can be managed by Home, Menu and Back buttons, while other smartphones use a separate button for it. Holding down the Home button for about two seconds you can switch between the running apps and control them.

Fourth, when switched on Direct Call feature will allow the phone to call a certain contact when moving the handset to your ear, if the contact’s log or message details are on the screen.

Fifth, Tap To Top allows users to scroll to the top of their contact list, email list or email messages.

Sixth, if you get missed calls or messages when your Samsung Galaxy S3 is left on a desk, as you pick it up the phone will vibrate to notify about them. This feature is called Smart Alerts, which can be switched on in the Motion section of the settings menu.

Seventh, there is a Print Screen key on the PC’s keyboard. It copies what there is on the screen at a certain moment. Now this function is available on the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s called Palm swipe to capture. Swipe the screen from one side to another with the side of your hand to take a screen shot.

There are several other features that can be switched on or off upon users’ choice. As you see, the Galaxy S3 is armed well not only in terms of hardware but software as well. Such trifles have huge impact on consumer choice because all smartphones are similar — the most important distinguishing feature is the UI they run on. Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is one of the best Android skins, and the new Nature UX is the best proof of it. So I think the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the best design and UI, that’s why it has no equals in the market.

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