Samsung Galaxy S3 Owners To Receive Features Of S4

Samsung has recently launched its flagship smartphone – another addition to its Galaxy series – the Galaxy S4. So you with Galaxy S3,  may be regretting for not being able to wait till this update or may be planning to buy the new phone S4. But the good news from Samsung is that many new features available in S4 are heading to Galaxy S3 as well. It has been confirmed by Samsung that S3 and other phones and tablets will be getting new software features announced to be available in S4.


Samsung spokesperson Nick DiCarlo has mentioned that the features could be translated to S3 and other devices are camera interface and WatchNow TV Remote.Camera Interface is not dependent on the hardware found in S4, so it can easily be translated other devices. New features on the Galaxy S4 that could go to the S3 or the Galaxy Note 2 and other current devicesinclude real-time lingo-decoder S Translator, and an array of pointless camera features, such as Dual Camera pictures.

Some features like the various hands off features look like that they are unlikely to be switched to other devices.

No such timeline has been announced when the S4’s software features will come to existing phones, but it will obviously take some time to entice the users to buy the S4.

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