Samsung Galaxy S3 64 GB Version To Be Released This Year

There is good news to fans and that is the Samsung Galaxy S3 64 GB version will be arriving in the second half of this year. This mobile has been specially designed to meet the specific memory needs of prospective mobile users. The online retailer Expansys stated that this high memory Smartphone has been discontinued and there were delays in its release. There are however new stories that the device is in the making and likely to be released soon. South Korean Company, The Verge posted that this new 64 GB Smartphone is likely to be available sometime later this year.

Samsung has already mentioned that the new 64 GB version is going to be available soon via retailers and operators. The Galaxy S3 is available in two memory variants and they are 16 GB and 32 GB currently. They are selling well and people are awaiting the release of the next memory version of the phone.
The phone specifications of the 64 GB device are the same except for the fact that there is more memory storage for users. It is anticipated that the new device will hit markets in the second half of this year. So, we just have to keep our fingers crossed to wait and watch!

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