Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

Samsung is already in the race to come up with some of the best smartphones in the market and this year Samsung launched one of the best smartphones ever to hit the consumer market. After the success of Samsung Galaxy S the company decided to go one level above and they launched Samsung Galaxy S2 which has every possible feature that smartphone users would like to have. This smartphone soon captured the global smartphone market and is considered as the best smartphone of 2011.

Galaxy S2 Hardware

The all new Samsung Galaxy S2 is the thinnest smartphone on the planet and is 0.33 inches thick which means that you can easily slide it anywhere you feel, even in tight jeans pocket. Inside the phone is 1.2 GHz ARM V7 dual core processor which has a great clockspeed and therefore consumers will find better performance with Samsung Galaxy S2 compare to any other smartphone in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S2 can beat some of the best smartphones in the market like HTC Desire S and Incredible S which has some great performance.

Galaxy S2 Display

Samsung Galaxy S2 sports the best screen resolution to make sure that consumers get the best viewing experience. The front side of the smartphone is dominated by 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus panel that ensures that all the pictures look stunningly great and the excellent resolution makes the mobile experience even better. Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy S2 does not lose its screen quality even when viewed from different angles which is a great quality because most smartphones have color discoloration problems while Samsung Galaxy S2 does not have any such issues. Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy S2 screen beats the screen resolution of iPhone 4S due to the new Super AMOLED technology that Samsung has incorporated.

Galaxy S2 Battery Life

When there are so many features added to the smartphone you can be sure that the battery life won’t be that great. However, Samsung Galaxy S2 defies the odds and provides great battery life that can make many consumers think twice. Samsung has tried to incorporate better OLED panel to the Samsung Galaxy S2 which helps to optimize the battery performance and therefore consumers get longer battery life so that they don’t have to charge the phone frequently. On various testings it was found that the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S2 goes 15% more than other standard Android smartphones in the market.

Galaxy S2 Software

Samsung has already raised the bar when it comes to Android smartphones and they have done it once again with Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. The software for Samsung Galaxy S2 is certainly better than any other smartphone in the market. The GS2 software makes the best impression and all the operations are fluid and smooth. Hence, consumers will never find any delay when they are navigating through different options and features in Samsung Galaxy S2. There are seven fully loaded home screens available in Samsung Galaxy S2 which provides more customization options to the consumers. With Android 2.3 Gingerbread Samsung Galaxy S2 provides better Android experience to all the users. On top of that, Samsung has also incorporated TouchWiz 4.0 that makes the entire operation better than users can imagine.

Galaxy S2 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with rear facing 8 megapixel camera and front facing 2 megapixel camera that people can use for video conferencing. In both the cameras, Samsung has made sure that the screen resolution is great and users get to enjoy the pictures and videos that they shoot. The camera is really great for all those who love clicking pictures whenever and wherever they are. The front facing camera is really too good for video conferencing and therefore you can really get the quality that you can think of.

Galaxy S2 Browser

Samsung Galaxy S2 browser makes your internet experience even better and therefore you can rely on it completely. The browser supports Flash content and users can download the latest Flash player for better performance.

Galaxy S2 Verdict

Samsung Galaxy S2 has broad range of features which makes it one of the best smartphones in the market this year. However, the smartphone is a high range phone and therefore users will have to shell out more money to enjoy all the features.

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