Samsung Galaxy Prices Slashed By T-Mobile and Sprint

Prices have been slashed for the Samsung Galaxy by Sprint and T-Mobile and now the phone has become a low priced and affordable Samsung Tab for mobile users in the United States. T-Mobile had first sold the phone at $399 after issuing an instant rebate that amounted to $200 and then there was an additional rebate of $50. The above price is currently available with a data contract of 2 years and T-Mobile along with this pricing is offering the lowest cost for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Likewise Sprint too has reduced the price of the above phone also and like T-Mobile it is offering the customers a number of data plans along with the phone. Major phone carriers are also following suit and this step taken by them is going to make the Samsung Galaxy one of the biggest competitors for the Apple iPad. The prices for the phone depend on the data plans that are opted for. Users can go in for the low prices however they would be bound with the service commitments that will accompany the phone. This is the only downside of the decrease in prices that the mobile users have to undergo when they are opting for the Galaxy Tab mobile phone by Samsung.

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