Samsung Galaxy planning to reveal with three-sided display

As per the upcoming news most probably Samsung Electronics Company is thinking to announce new Samsung Galaxy with a three-sided display next year. It would cover with edges. According to the last day reports from an angel news reporter two persons were informed with the plan.


People have heard from various resources that this Galaxy phone would come with more advanced technology, which is called Youm. But no one is there who can actually give us any exact information about the features this recent Samsung Galaxy phone will have. We have just known that it would be curved Galaxy Round cell phone. Company is just planning to release this phone they did not officially announce anything relating to this. So it is quite difficult to identify any function about Samsung Galaxy three-sided display phone. Most probably this three sided display would be applicable to all the Samsung Galaxy s phones and note series of premium cell phones. Company will try to make this handset which has automatic operating display in all three sides. The globe’s biggest manufacturer of devices is fighting with Apple Inc. (AAPL) to present impressive gadgets as they prepare for a recession in the high-end Smart phone section, where new Samsung offers about one of every three gadgets.

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