Samsung Galaxy Phone looks closer to iPhone

Samsung is coming in the market with a new Galaxy Phone to surprise the mobile enthusiasts. However it looks quite similar to the iPhone. If you want to get an iPhone at a cheaper price then it is better to go for Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The edges of the chamfered are made with the polished metal to bring an appearance that is similar to Apple’s smart phones.



The news of Samsung Alpha is doing the rounds for a long time. Now we have acquired a clear view of the smart phone. However Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be smaller than Samsung Galaxy S5. It has gone for a squarer design in the current flagship. Previously it is believed to come in the black to have a classic look. Now, they are going for a finer look with the color white.

The release date of Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not available yet. However it is believed to be launched in the recent future. The mobile experts around the world are expecting to get a hand over Samsung Galaxy Alpha on 4th August. Therefore mobile enthusiasts are waiting for the launching date as well. Samsung Galaxy Alpha will surely open up the market for the brand in the future.

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