Samsung Galaxy Note Release Set On September 4th

The advent of the Samsung Galaxy Note is no hidden news. Samsung is all set to come out with this device on the 4th of September. There is news that this device is all set to make its debut on the said date at an event in Berlin. This event is going to be a special one and there are sources that state that it will be a big one too.


There is news that the IFA 2013 event will not start till the 6th of September and the first two days prior to the date will be in media preview. This seems to fit in very nicely however there is still no news on how reliable this source is. The Samsung Note is a smartphone that is a supersized one and it will sport a screen size that is 5.9 inches. The Specs are going to get bigger when the next phone in line will be launched with a screen size that is 6.44 inches. This phone is going to be one of the biggest released in the market and this is why there are many mobile enthusiasts that are waiting for it to be launched. Its price details have not been released and so we have to wait for an official announcement by the Company.

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