Samsung Galaxy Nexus: The Latest Addition To The Smart Phone Kitty

Ice cream sandwich is the latest operating system of the newest Google phone the galaxy nexus. The new galaxy nexus form Samsung is the first ever device to run Google’s Android 4.0 operating system, known by its desert code name. Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to be at creative and innovative blend between an Android phone and a tablet operating system that actually irons out many geek wrinkles. Android’s former annoying reliance on menus to perform tasks is reduced with the inclusion of more user friendly icons, and these dynamically changed according to the program that is being opened.

It has familiar swiping gestures across apps, of which there are over 300,000 available in the Android market, as well as playful new features like facial recognition to unlock the phone. Several existing Android devices from HT and Motorola will receive free software updates so that they can too function on this particular operating system.

The Galaxy Nexus has a giant display of 4.65-inch which may actually be an overkill for some people. But its svelte build, measuring some thing just over three-tenths of an inch thick, balances it out. Its rear and front facing cameras capture 5 and 1.3 megapixel images, respectively, and it records video in full 1080p HD quality. A built-in barometer helps with more precise GPS detection, and an NFC (near field communication) chip enables swapping data with other NFC-enabled Android phones, a process called Android Beam.

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