Samsung Galaxy Nexus: One Of The Best Android Phones In The Market

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the most innovative creations in the cell phone domain right now. It has been seen that it is the biggest launch in the sector of Android phones. This phone is equipped with the Android 4.0 version, thus it is incorrect to think that you are going to get any thing less than what is expected from the tech geeks. The phone is equipped with the Google Operating system and with some of the best intuitive shortcuts that the user can think off.

This new Samsung phone is also equipped some of the best technical features as well. The display of the phone is of 720p HD along with a brilliant Super AMOLED tech display. The 4.65 inch screen gives the user a good display of the videos and numerous other applications in the phone. These features ensure that the beholder will have some of the striking picture display on his phone. Even though the design of the phone is innovative the plastic casting does not give out a good impression. The power button and the volume rocker feels like that they would come out any moment but they actually do not. The look of the phone could have been better but for the time being it is no less than good.

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