Samsung Follows Apple- Confirms Next Set Of Smartphones Will Have 64 bit processors

Samsung has officially confirmed that its next range of high end smartphone devices will sport the 64 bit processors. This announcement comes after the launch of the iphone 5S that is the first device to have the technology. Apple earlier has boosted that its A7 chip would offer a desktop like architecture. Most experts have stated that the applications will be better and faster. There are reports that before Samsung goes in for the switch it will upgrade the Android operating system of the phone. This is a move that has been welcomed by both consumers and experts in the smartphone industry.


Users are able to work faster and get better speed.  This means the smartphone will be like a computer to some extent. There is another advantage of the above switch and that is the machines are able to get more physical space. The amount of RAM space can also be increased  and more programs can be run with success. There are experts that claim that the new Apple A7 chip is not powerful enough like a PC chip. The company may be in the process of making themselves ready for the change. Till then let us wait and watch for announcements!

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