Samsung Captive Glide A Revolution In The Android Category

AT&T has a lot of option for the smart hones, but it lacks key boarded smart phones. The Samsung captive glide is sure to offer the edge which the others have not been able to. Taking heavily from the Samsung galaxy S II with the addition of a full slide out QWERTY key board and a slight bump down in spec, it has surely become a favorite with in a very short time.

The phone measures 4.9 x 2.5 x 0.5 inch and weighs around 5.2 ounces. Manufactured out of lightly textured black plastic the Glide looks unassuming but feels well built and comfortable on the hand of the user.

The Super AMOLED display of 4 inch, 8000x 480 pixels is absolutely gorgeous. It has fewer sub pixels in the Galaxy S II but even then it also glamorous and extra ordinary. The Four haptic feedback-enabled functions keys sit beneath the display, which are suitably responsive. Typing on the on-screen QWERTY is fine and not a hindrance for fat fingered people. Although the phone slides open to reveal a large, four-row physical keyboard, which is absolutely unconventional and an innovative inclusion to the phone. The key board of the phone is flat making it good and sleek to look at and use.

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