Samsung Anticipated To Crush Nokia’s Monopoly In The UK Market

Till date it has been seen the Finnish cell phone giants have been reigning in the market of the untied kingdom, it has been actually at the zenith of the competitive market for quite some time. It is seen that Nokia has the largest array of cheap cell phones which gives the people more reason to opt for them, but this ‘monopolistic’ equation is going to change some how. The Samsung Galaxy Phones are indicating that the Nokia phones are going to have a tough time to safe guard their position at the top.

The Samsung Galaxy phones have been very popular with the common mass and more and more people are opting for the phones in these ranges. According to the market studies it has been found that almost 300 million units of the Samsung Phones have been shipped to the English shores in the year 2011 alone. But still it still remains by a very small margin behind the Finnish giants, although according to the market survey analysts are anticipating that it will not take long before the latter has over thrown the cell phone giants. The most reliable news agency Reuters say that it predicts that the Samsung will have manage to sell 359 units by this year and then it will take over Nokia’s number one position quite easily.

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