Samsung’s Newest Revolution: The Galaxy Note

The Samsung galaxy the Samsung Galaxy Note is a tablet smart phone hybrid which ahs been reported to be hitting the Australian shores early next year. The Samsung Galaxy note dwindles between a tablet and smart phone. This particular phone is an Android powered device which features a 5.3 inch touch screen that is significantly larger than the average smart phones but a lot smaller than tablets for instance the iPad.

This smart phone cum tablet is 150mm tall and 83m wide. Despite of the large screen, the Note is only 9.7mm thick, that is slightly thicker than the Apple iPhone 4S. The Galaxy Note is incorporated with a “super AMOLED HD” display, it has a resolution of 1280*800, and the screen size makes it easily readable. The text or images that are seen n the display are very crisp and vibrant. The Note also comes with a stylus that Samsung has nicknamed it as the “S-Pen”. It is slotted to accommodate at the bottom right of the device. The Samsung Galaxy Note functions on the 2.3 version of Android (Ginger Bread) and it also uses the Samsung’s Touch WIZ 4.0 Ul overlay.  On the whole the Samsung Galaxy Note is brilliant phone with excellent display and slick software and it is hoped that it will entice the tech savvy generation.

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