Samsung’s 1Ghz Windows Smartphone To Arrive Soon

It has been reported that Samsung is planning to launch the latest 1GHz Windows Smartphone following the huge success of Galaxy Tab 10.1. According to the latest reports that have been making the round Samsung will develop a Smartphone that would be based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system. The rumors started generating when Samsung i937 which is accepted as WP7 Mango Smartphone acquired a Bluetooth SIG certificate.

"Samsung’s 1Ghz Windows Smartphone"

The latest device by Samsung tolerates related Bluetooth profile to Mango WP7. This phone also appears on Occasional Gamers record of WP7 Smartphone. It is expected that the 1GHz Windows Smartphone would be having smallest hardware necessities. The phone would be running on a 1GHz processor that contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and it would feature a devoted GPU. It is rumored that the Smartphone will be boasting of a 3.6-inches wide screen that has a WVGA screen resolution.


The 1GHz Windows Smartphone would be coming with Microsoft WP7 Mango update thereby making it faster. It is anticipated that the phone would be having more than 450 inbuilt applications along with other features demanded by users. As of now the company has not yet revealed any more information about its latest device.


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