Rumors Of HTC One X “Fast “Quad Core Smartphone To Hit MWC

The Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and the mobile enthusiast is all set to be exposed to a dynamic range of super cool Smartphones. The competition between major mobile handset manufacturers is going to be tough as this year’s 2012 line up of Smartphones is a highly competitive and fantastic one!


HTC is all geared for this final show with its new Quad Core Smartphone that as per its Facebook wall’s cryptic post promises “something fast”. The new Smartphone is flooded with rumors that it will sport the novel quad core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor that has five cores! There are expectations that this new device is the HTC One X. Though the news has not been confirmed by HTC there are rumors that the HTC One X is the phone that will sport the Tegra 3 Processor. HTC is well known for keeping things under wraps and the mobile lover will just need to be patient as to what this new phone promises to bring.

This new super fast Smartphone will carry a host of other exciting features and more information is likely to surface next week. Till then we can only keep our fingers crossed and wait and watch the action to unfold at MWC scheduled for next week!

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