Release Of iPhone 5 Delayed To August or September

There are rumors of the iPhone 5 being delayed to August or September and this could be due to the mounting pressure that it is facing from its other brand competitors. Latest reports have surfaced that this Smartphone is one that could be delayed till August or September this year. There are rumors circulating in the mobile market that the possible reason for this delay could be due to its competitors introducing improved and new versions of Android based handsets in the market. The iphone is losing its market share at a fast pace and this may be the reason for it planning a late entry.


Over the recent months it has been witnessed that mobile brands are coming out with new Android phones in the market. The Smartphone market is now abundant with a wide range of mobile phones that are wooing the mobile customer. Consumers have somewhat lost interest in the iphone that when launched created waves. Currently the Android market is one that has a strong 33% share and these devices have overtaken iOS ones. Apple needs to take note of this and this is the reason why it must take immediate steps to being back the interest of the mobile users in the iphone.


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