Release Date & Price of Nokia 620 Surface

A month after the revelation of the Nokia 620 its release date and price has surfaced on the internet. There is anticipation of the device hitting stores across the globe this month. Users willing to own this device can pre-book the mobile with immediate effect on retail and online stores.


The Nokia 620 is the ideal smartphone for those eyeing for a high end mobile phone with decent features branding it as an entry level phone. This device operates on the Windows Phone 8 Operating platform and has a UI endowed by Live Tiles across a touchscreen that is a 3.8 capacitive one. This device allows users to look at the panel even on sunny days without squinting. This helps users who wish to check their phones frequently for message or social media notification updates.

The panel has been backed with the ClearBack Technology deployed by the screen. This makes it easy for users to read even when there is high sunlight. With this device users are able to connect up to 8 devices. This unique handset is able to draw power from a battery that is a 1300mAh battery. This battery has the capacity to engage 2G users for about 14 hours of talk time.

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