The Release Date Of Blackberry Storm Announced

It has been over a year since Blackberry released the Storm 2 and since then there have been many Blackberry fans that have been waiting for the release of the new Storm 3. There is good news in store for them a there are rumors that are circulating stating that the release date for the new Storm version is the first quarter of 2011. The date has been fixed just after the anticipated release of the Blackberry PlayBook. There are confirmed reports that Blackberry along with US retailer BestBuy has included the new Blackberry Storm on their website. Blackberry intends to challenge its main competitor the Apple iPhone and only time itself will tell whether they will be successful in their endeavor to do so or not with the 9750 Blackberry Storm phone.

The official release date of the phone is yet to be announced. The features of the new phone have not been announced and there are certain rumors that state that the Blackberry phone will have a 5 MP camera along with Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G. There are additional rumors that are making the rounds stating that the phone will also include the QNX platform like the Blackberry PlayBook. There are also some expert opinions that the phone will include the dual benefits of the keypad and the touch screen along with OS 6 technology.

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