Reckless Getaway Now Available On IPhone

iPhone users fond of gaming will be thrilled to know that the “Reckless Getaway” is now available on their phone. This game is a spin-off version to the widely sought after game “Reckless Racing”. This game has been created and launched by the game developers Polarbit and Pixelbite. The major theme of this game is bank robberies and it contains a lot of fun and excitement for the player.

"Reckless Getaway Now Available On IPhone"
The players in this game need to don the roles of bank robbers who tend to escape and get away from the Police. They need to do it as fast as they can after they loot a bank. The gamer can score with more players as there is greater havoc created.
IPhone gamers can now get the thrills of the game and play it to glory. This game can be easily downloaded from App Store at $2.99 only. The inspiration of this game has been derived from “Dukes of Hazzard”and “Cannonball Run” two classic movies. This game offers loads of fun to people who love going chasing and reaching the finishing line before others!
So if you are a gaming freak and have an iPhone it is time for you to download this spectacular game and join the chase to winning!

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