Reasons Why People Prefer to Interact Via Social Media


With technology growing more advanced by the minute, we’ve begun to interact more and more via social media services like Twitter and Facebook. Why?

10) Convenience


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With a growing number of personal electronic devices on the market, social media sites can be accessed from virtually anywhere at any time. You can say “hello” with a wall post or a poke without leaving your chair.

9) Speed

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Phone calls and face-to-face meetings take time, but social media is instantaneous. Zapping off a Facebook message or tweeting an interesting link takes only seconds.

8) Fewer distractions


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People are busier these days than ever before. But most of us are on the computer during the day anyway, so zapping off a lunch menu question or an amusing story to a co-worker is only a few clicks away.

7) Ease of access


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It seems that everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook now. Staying in touch with the family or the old gang from high school has never been easier.

6) Closes “long distance” gaps



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Does hilarious Uncle Bob live 3,000 miles away? No problem! Bob can tweet his humorous finds or text them right to your PDA so you don’t have to wait for the next family reunion to hear the story about the office Christmas party.

5) Bigger network

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If something worth sharing happens, why take the time to call everyone you know when you can simply post the story on Facebook or your blog? With social media, you can share the latest news with everyone you know in an instant.

4) More to share



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The internet is enormous, and there’s a lot to share. E-mailing a link to your entire address book may be considered spam, but posting it on Twitter to your 2,000 followers is good networking.

3) Less intimate


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Sometimes it’s easier to say something when the person you’re talking to isn’t staring you in the face. Texting the co-worker in the cubicle behind you about his annoying pen-tapping habit is probably better than leaning over the wall to scream at him.

2) Anonymity



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Social media is far from anonymous, but it can feel that way. This can be helpful for those of us who are on the shy side but still need to build a network for work or personal pursuits.

1) Cheaper


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In today’s economy, going out and having lunch or even a good cup of coffee has turned into a luxury. But hanging out in your pyjamas and chatting on an instant message service is free. Social media allows us to interact without having to spend money on gasoline, food, or pricey caffeinated beverages.

So go ahead; tweet, blog, or Facebook poke to your heart’s content!

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