Razr 1 With 2 GHz Intel Processor Announced By Motorola

The Motorola Razr 1 with a 2 GHz Intel Processor has been announced by the company at an event in London where the device has been unveiled. This smartphone features a 2 GHZ single core Intel Atom processor that has the ability to outperform the other leading dual core products in the market. Intel has used the hyperthreading technology in this phone and it has plans to lay it to test soon.

Users with this phone are able to get en excellent battery life and the Company claims that this 2000mAh battery has the capacity to last for about twenty hours on an average even if the phone is heavily used. Besides the above this Motorola Razr device is more powerful than the iPhone 4S platform. According to Jim Wicks of Motorola Mobility SVP users have the ability to stream music over Wi-Fi for longer durations than other devices available in the market till date.

Another standout feature of the handset is its 4.3 edge display which the company claims to deliver about 15 percent of larger screen size than the present iPhone 5 too. The size package of the device is the same as the iphone 5 however the extra screen space will be a visiual treat for most mobile enthusiasts!

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