Poor mobile services increase TIO complaints

Simon Cohen, the telecommunications industry ombudsman has featured that there is a subsequent decrease in the number of conciliation processes and investigations over the year 2011 to the ongoing reform that is taking place in the organization.

He has pointed out that the organization had received 197,682 new complaints in the financial year 2011 which is estimated to be a 17.8% increase from the previous year, out of which 56.8% is related to the mobile services that is 112,376 complaints to be exact.

The TIO has also recorded a drop in all complaint levels except for new complaints which is a 13.6% decrease in the number of cases at 357 requiring a level 4 inquiries or full investigation with the telco. Cohen has also pointed out that with the organization’s continuous reformation – including pushing all referral processes from telcos to email- had compelled the decrease in level 2, 3 and 4 enquiries.

He even said that an internal review which was commissioned in March was completed by the KPMG and was delivered to the board. Thus the board is expected to give a suitable response to the recommendations made by the report towards the end of this year.

Although the government is yet to deliver its actions on the submissions of the discussion paper distributed as a part of the review in March.

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