Pentagon Consent Utilize Of Blackberry 7 Models

In Wednesday research in motion stated that the United States department of defense has accepted six models of the company’s blackberry 7 for utilize on its own networks, expanding a lengthy relationship, with the Smartphone well- known for its rigid security. The appreciation will allot RIMs solo biggest customer to upgrade the Smartphone of Canadian maker’s recent phones as its wait for the release of the next generation blackberry 10 devices later on this year.

"Blackberry 7 Models"

United states army and rest of the defense department employees have used the blackberry phones for a long time but every of the new version of the device demand a test before the authority can agree its usage in sensitive roles where a data violation could put into danger to national security. RIM has declared that the united sates military department has used nearly about 25,000 blackberries Smartphone. Even Barrack Obama who is a president as well as commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces utilized a customized version of the Smartphone. RIM has been declared that the United States army has introduced spanking new applications as well as capabilities for the users of blackberry in the last year. Its personnel can now take advantage of recent advances such as n ear field communications, augmented reality and voice-activated universal search.

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