Oz To Get HTC Incredible S This Week

HTC has revealed that it is all set to launch The Incredible S Smartphone in Australia this week. The brand also revealed that the net profits in the first quarter of the year nearly tripled. This major mobile brand from Taiwan is outpacing Nokia with its phones and many people want to get them. This has resulted in three major carriers in Australia to get them.



HTC recorded on Friday that its value has reached around US$32.7 billion that is below the US$33.6 billion by Nokia. This could be attained by the company after it claimed and reported a profit of around A$518 million profit for 3 months ending on the 31st of March.

HTC was able to make successful overseas as it has adopted the Android platform. The popularity of these Android based phones climbed and now the company is providing these phones to different carriers throughout the world. The brand also announced that it would be launching many low end and mid end phones for customers all over the world. This endeavor by the company is expected to contribute to the growth of the company in the mobile device market. It has been revealed tha


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