Over 30 Million Units Of Samsung Star Sold

For Samsung mobile lovers there is encouraging news and that is the Samsung Star has crossed the 30 million sales mark. This was announced formally by Samsung Electronics in a recent report. The Samsung Star is a mobile handset that has performed remarkably well in nations like China, Russia, Latin America and others. This is very encouraging for the mobile brand and it also indicates that the sales of the other Samsung phones are most likely to rise in the forthcoming year.

Samsung is a company that has major aims to become a world class leader in the touch screen market segment. The brand aspires to control the mobile market with its range of customized mobile phones. The company has diverse products that are in the pipeline for the mobile consumer and according to YH Lee,  the Senior Vice President (marketing) in mobile business communications at Samsung, company also has a very customer oriented marketing approach that is aimed towards its mobile users.

Keeping in sync with the above the brand has also deployed localized marketing campaigns to every specific region and nation to promote the sales of the Star. The company has also used mobile live events around the world especially in places like The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

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