Out Of Contract Unlocking Of The iPhone By AT& T Begins

AT & T has made it official and they have announced that from the 8th of April customers of the Iphone who have already fulfilled a two year contract are able to unlock their iphones for use on any GSM network. The customer needs to be qualified for the above and the eligibility requirements involve that the account of the customer needs to be in very good standing and the device they are using should not be related to a present or active term commitment on a AT & T customer account.

The interested customer must fulfill the term of their contract or have upgraded on any one of the upgrade policies or have paid a termination fee in advance. The carrier also stated that customers who have already paid the no commitment price for the phone on the network will also be able to unlock their phones as well. This is good news for those users who wish to keep the iphone on a network that does not have AT&T. So, if you are a customer whose two year contract is over it is time for you to opt for the above in order to avail benefits in better mobile technology with your iphone!

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