On Saturday The Pink Galaxy Will Land In Singapore

The lovers of Samsung will be happy to know that Samsung galaxy will arrive in pink color. The new color handset will land on Saturday. Hence, get ready to see new galaxy S2 dressed in pink color. The pink galaxy will be obtainable at the same rate S$948of white and black version, which was sold in Singapore so far. It is estimated that adding pink color in the Samsung galaxy will not hurt it sales. The reason behind this is the Korean phone maker is set up for its forthcoming high-end line-up in the approaching months for a launch in the middle of the year.

In spite of having a huge 5.3- inch screen phone, the galaxy note has staggered various skeptics by selling near about 5 million units in the initial five months. In Singapore, women feel wonderful because with the new stylist pink galaxy they can carry their style statement smoothly.

The “phablet”, this name is repeatedly called and the reason behind calling out the name is it seems to be as a cross between phone and tablet, beside this it has a 1.4GHz dual-core chip including S pen stylus. With this stylus, it helps the users to sketch on paper, press harder on the screen and the hard pressure is easily visible in the sketching. The pink galaxy does not possess the latest Google’s android OS. However, the people who like galaxy note for sketching and the new pink flavor will make the sale of galaxy more.

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